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Chiropractor Charlotte NC Headaches


Headaches are exactly what they sound like, different types of pain that occur in a variety of locations throughout the head, scalp, and skull region. They can be caused by many different things, including but not limited to, physical trauma, injury or impact, and emotional or chemical stress.

Different Types of Headaches

  • Tension
  • Cluster
  • Migraines
  • Allergy or sinus
  • Hormonal
  • Caffeine
  • Exertion
  • Hypertension
  • Rebound
  • Post-Traumatic

How Chiropractic Can Help

Here at Clearview Family Chiropractic, we want to first determine what type of headaches you are having and the primary factors that are causing the headaches through a proper examination and structural radiographs (if necessary) to locate the underlying cause of your headaches rather than masking the secondary symptoms. One common cause for many headaches is abnormal positioning of the spinal bones in the neck, particularly the relationship and position of the head and the top two bones in your neck. A misalignment or subluxation in this region can affect the muscles, ligaments and tendons or even more importantly, cause irritation and inflammation to the surrounding nerves creating a disruption in the nerve pathways between the brain and body leading to many different types of secondary symptoms of headaches. If it is determined that we can help you we utilize gentle Chiropractic adjustments as well as educating on exercises, stretches and proper postural techniques to help align the spine which can aid in pain reduction as well as allow the nervous system to function optimally. Depending on the severity of the condition and taking previous ailments and other limiting factors into consideration often times our patients begin to see results in just a few visits however it is important to maintain a healthy spine as it is the major protection mechanism for the central nervous system which is vital to ones overall health.

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