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We believe in a world that isn’t controlled by sickness, but propelled by health.

We believe we have the key to make that a reality.


We want to change the world

Why are we, as a nation, getting sicker and sicker, despite the huge time, energy, and financial investments we make in our health year after year?

Good question.

I’m Dr. Doug. I’m passionate about changing the standard of health in our nation. I love helping people because I believe that health isn’t optional, it’s foundational if you want a happy life. And I believe that the first step in optimal health is to remove the barriers that leave you feeling disconnected from your best self.

Dr.Doug Adjusting

We LOVE What We Do

Every day I get to help people live (or get back to living) well and that’s really important to me. I live each day to remove the interference people feel in their bodies and help them stop chasing symptoms and finally get to the root cause.

Your body holds unlimited potential. I’m here to help you defy what you think is possible in your health and get you motivated about what can be when you aren’t controlled by sickness but propelled by health.


Our Motto

At Clearview Family Chiropractic we focus on structurally correcting the spine. We utilize state of the art technology and Chiropractic adjustments to fully restore the structural integrity of the spine and nervous system. This allows the the body to function and heal optimally.

Oh, and playing hard too

This is what we do, and yeah, we’re really good at it. We work hard to make sure our clients are happy, but we also want our clients to be the best. So if we see an area for improvement, we’ll tell you. Or if we run into a roadblock our clients are the first ones we call. And we’re constantly growing our services list. We’re here for you 100% and 24/7. That’s just how we are.

Now that you know about us, perhaps you should meet us

Dr Doug Morris

Dr Doug Morris

Dr Doug is the one who started it all, kind of like the glue in our little team. He’s also our lead developer. Someone’s gotta code and Carl handles the hard stuff.

Mrs Walker

Mrs Walker

Meet Shun. She keeps Dr Doug in line, but she’s also in charge of the place. Staying on top of the daily in’s and out is the name of her game and she rocks at it.